Beacon Family Consulting

Channeling families to a brighter future

About Beacon

Beacon Family Consulting is designed to empower, educate and enable parents and families to make sound, well-informed decisions that support the growth of the family, as well as the child's overall well-being.

Beacon Family Consulting is owned and operated by Licensed Professional Counselor Jenny Burnsed, who has been using her expertise to help children, families and the agencies that serve them since 1994. Jenny Burnsed has a Masters Degree in School Counseling and Family Consultation and has worked in both community mental health and the public school system in several capacities, including as a Guidance Counselor and Parent Liaison. She has worked for other non-profits serving children with specific needs and as a psychotherapist in private practice.

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Our Services

Beacon Family Consulting provides consultation and coaching for parents seeking support for positive growth and change within the family system. Licensed Professional Counselor Jenny Burnsed creates a warm and interactive environment for both parents and children to help them feel comfortable, understood and hopeful about a rewarding future.

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Finding Help

When a child shows signs of struggling with home life, school, peers, a healthy sense of self or other issues, parents are often perplexed about how to address it. Parents may ask if their child needs therapy and, if so, whom they should see and what options are available to them individually and as a family. Beacon Family Consulting is here to help.

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